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Tournaments are LIVE events. You are expected to be present through the entire event as long as you are still alive in the tournament. 

  • Monday weekly tournaments are open to players in Illinois on an invitation basis.

  • Format: Single Elimination, Progressive Consolation

  • Sunday Bi-Monthly tournaments are open to players in Illinois and special guests on an invitation basis.

  • Format: True Double Elimination

  • Match Point Lengths:


      Bi-Monthly Sundays:

      9pt Main / 7pt Consolation


      Weekly Club Mondays:

      7pt Main / 7pt Consolation

  • Entry Fees:

      Bi-Monthly Sundays:

      $50 Entry

      $20 Optional Side Pool


      Weekly Club Mondays:

      $20 Entry

      $20 Optional Side Pool

  • 80% return on entry

       90% return on side pool

  • Prizes for Top 3 finishers

       (1st, 2nd, 1C). 


       If total number of players

       exceeds 32, then 4 places

       (1st, 2nd, 1C, 2C) will be paid.




You will need a free Discord account to play.  See our technology page for information on how to download, set up and test Discord. 


Here is an invitation to the Prime Time Chicago Backgammon Club Discord server - Tournament Voice channel:


Note: You will only need to use this link once to find our server. On your return visits to Discord, our server will automatically appear on the left side of your Discord screen. Simply open the Discord App on your computer, then click on the Prime Time Server

button on the left side of your Discord window.

You can now navigate to various text channels and voice channels. 


Note:  When playing in tournaments, always use the Discord App on your computer  (not from the web). 


You may register up to 30 days in advance.


Registration closes 30 minutes before the tournament start time.

To enter, send your entry fee and optional side pool payment through Venmo.

Send via Venmo to: 


(last 4 digits of phone 3838)

On your Venmo payment note please indicate the following:

  • Date of the tournament

  • Your Full Name

  • Screen Name (Galaxy or Heroes 3)

  • Pool or No Pool

  • Your mobile phone (for Venmo)

  • Your email address (for Venmo)


Open Discord on your computer (run the App, not thru the web). Click on the Prime Time Chicago Discord Server (Blue Dice) 30 min before start time and join the Tournament voice channel, and MUTE your microphone. We will have announcements during that time.



1. Enter an event by depositing your entry fee at least 30 minutes in advance of the posted start time.

2. Check-in begins 30 minutes in advance of start time by you entering the Tournament voice channel (mute your mic).

NOTE: Please change your Nickname for this channel by right clicking on your name anywhere it appears in Discord, moving the cursor to ‘Change Nickname' and use the convention 'Firstname Lastname (BackgammonGalaxayUsername)' (e.g. Craig Anderson (Mbodla).


NOTE: You no longer need to check in with Challonge. 

3. Check-in ends 5 minutes before start time. If you are not in the Tournament voice channel by that time and the Director is unable to contact you within Discord, you will be removed from the tournament. 


All rules are posted in the # Rules text channel on the Prime Time Discord server.


The brackets will be posted on Challonge when the tournament starts.


Tournament directors will perform the random shuffle via Challonge. When the shuffle has been completed, the tournament directors will announce the official start of the tournament on the Tournament Voice Channel. Wait for the directors to make the announcement before you look on Challonge for your opponent. If you look early, you will not see the correct draw as the shuffle will not have been performed.



Check Challonge for your opponent, and confirm the proper match length at the top of the bracket. 

NOTE: Players must remain in contact with the Prime Time Discord server throughout the tournament. Being “Offline” is the same as leaving the tournament venue at a live event. 

Once the Tournament Director announces the official START of the tournament, you will then check the bracket on Challonge. Once you know who your opponent is going to be, you need to go to the first available (empty) Table voice channel and wait for your opponent to join you. Your opponent will look down the available list of  Table voice channels, and upon seeing your name, they will join you.


After you finish any match, check the Challonge brackets to identify whom your next opponent may be. If the prior round match is not yet finished, you should go to the next available Table voice channels (starting from Table 1), and wait there for whomever it will be. If you are the one still playing a prior round match, after finishing the match you should check the Challonge brackets to see who your next opponent is, and then join them in the relevant Table voice channel where they will be waiting for you. After the tournament starts, players should therefore only be in the Table voice channels until their tournament is finished, and nowhere else unless a tournament director tells them otherwise. When your opponent arrives you must UNMUTE your mic until the end of your match. Video is recommended, but not mandatory at this time.



You can choose to play on either Galaxy or Heroes 3.

If there is a disagreement between players as to which site to use, the default will be Galaxy.


If you are playing on Heroes 3, then the correct match length, and clock settings will be pre-set. 


If you play on Galaxy, then each player is responsible to set the match to the correct match length, and select the proper clock speed (normal).



If both you and your opponent are scheduled to play, and your opponent is ready, but you are not, you have 15 minutes to start your match. If you do not start playing within 15 minutes, then you risk being forfeited out of the match.

The winner is responsible to report their win on Challonge. Simply go to the Challonge bracket page, refresh your browser window, hover your mouse over your match, and
click on the "report match results" (pencil icon). A window will appear asking you to confirm the winner. Click on the name of the winner. The winner will automatically be entered into the next round.  The loser will automatically be entered into the proper consolation round as long as they have not yet lost 2 matches. Look for your new opponent on the bracket, then connect with them in the relevant Table voice channel on Discord.

Note: If a match win is reported incorrectly, you can not correct it yourself. In this case, simply let the director know the problem in the #Match-Results text channel. You can flag a director by using the @Director tag. A director will make the needed correction as soon as possible. 



You may contact a director in Discord three ways:

1. First and best way is by clicking on the #Tournament Text channel. Tag all the directors by typing  @directors followed by your message.

2. The second way is to send a specific director a message by right clicking on that director's name (on the top right of your Discord screen) and selecting "Message".

3. The third way is by right clicking on a director's name (on the top right of your Discord screen) and selecting "Call"


Note: The director may be playing their own match. Don't wait for your previous match to be recorded before starting your next match. If you know who your next opponent is, and they are ready to play, then please start playing. We appreciate your help in keeping the tournament moving. 


We will be posting links to interesting matches such as the finals, and others. Simply click on the Discord Text Channel #match-links to see the links.


Note: This is also an easy way for you and your opponent to find your match if one player gets disconnected. Prior to starting play, simply copy and paste the url of the match into the #match-links Discord text channel. Go there, and click on the posted URL to get back into your game.


Directors will stream various matches, especially the finals. Everyone can watch and comment. Simply jump into the Spectator-lounge voice channel, hover your mouse over the streamer's name, click on the LIVE button, then click on Join Live Stream. You can comment and listen to others share their opinions all while watching the match in real time. Enjoy !

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