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This story is provided courtesy of Jeff Henry, original director of Pub Club, and owner of Jim Henry, Inc. who is the provider of our beautiful crystal awards.



For the Glory

It was Monday, September 17, 1979. I had just moved into 4-Lakes Village in Lisle and played that night in a weekly Monday night BG tournament at the Lloyds of Lisle Rib House I read about in an events calendar in the Chicago Tribune or Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. $7 entry. 


After the tournament was over, Dean Morehouse, Dale Barker & I (both of whom I had just met that night) went back to my new apartment, sat on some unpacked boxes, and played chouette, on my board, my dice. $1/point. 


It went to 5 AM, and we all agreed to play one more game.  Dean was in the box. Dale & I were each up big time, and Dean was down about 900 points (Dean made a lot of money at the time at his job at Midwest Outdoors magazine didn’t seem too concerned).


Through an automatic opening double, thoughtful cubes and beavers, Dale & I ended up with the cube at 64, in a classic bear-off position. 


Dean:  had a man on his 6-point, 2 men on his 5-point;

Dale & I: had 2 men on our 2-point.


It was Dale & my turn to roll.  


Dale wanted to double, so that Dean would drop and we could take our winnings, not having to chance the unthinkable of our throwing a non-double 1 and Dean following with the girls or the boys!  I did not want to double for fear of Dean’s reckless approach by this time, even though he was an extreme long shot. 


After some debate between Dale and I, I relented, and we doubled Dean to 128. Dean thought about it…then took it and beavered to 256!  [Dale wanted to raccoon but I told him he was out of his mind and said no]


Of course, we rolled something like a 4-1, leaving a man. Then Dean doubled to 512!!  We took. Only double 5’s or 6’s could win it for Dean.


Dean then said “For the Glory”, shook the dice and threw the perfect double 5’s. 


Dean went from ~$900 down to plus ~$125 on a single roll!  Dale and I each lost about $60. I wrote a check. We all were regulars after that. Dean and I became good friends, along with Chris Stanford and Bill Davis. We also played a lot of golf together with Lucky and Steve Burke. Got to know Jim Opre when the Pub Club moved to Downers Grove, and Jim started his annual “Opre Invitational”.


That “Glory” saying has transitioned to other situations where a super long-shot is needed to save the day, as well as a (foolhardy) badge of courage.  “For the Glory” was also probably used as a “motto” on the invitations at the 3 one-day Pub Club Annual tournaments we had. Dean Morehouse and I conducted the auction at the first annual. Peter Kalba helped me do the auction at the second annual, and doubled the take!! Peter was great. 


Jeff Henry 


P.S. A couple months later, one Monday night, the guy who ran the tournament at the rib house in Lisle didn’t show up (no one ever saw him again). I volunteered to run it that night and then did it every week. Bill Davis designed the logo…the beer mug with a pair of dice (adding up to 7) bouncing out of it, and set-up a newsletter format with master points for me. 






Peter Kalba, Jeff Henry circa Spring,1981

2nd Annual Pub Club Annual 


Peter Kalba + Jeff Henry.jpg
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