Open to all Illinois players

Registration Closes

6:00pm CDT

Start Time

6:30pm CDT




Heroes 3


If there is a disagreement

as to which platform to use,

then Galaxy will be the default.

Entry Fee: $20

Side Pool: $20


Venmo your entry fee to:

@Steve-Klesker  (3838)



In your Venmo note, please include the following info:

 Your full name (FirstName, LastName)

Screen name

 Which tournament date are you entering

 Side Pool (Yes, or No)

 Your mobile phone number

 Your email account

Upon receipt of your entry fee, you will be entered into the tournament.

Note:  If you pre-pay your entry fee, but if for any reason you are unable to play on your designated day, contact us prior to the start of the tournament, and we will refund your entry fee, or issue a credit in your name towards a future entry, whichever you prefer.


Tournaments are LIVE events.

You are expected to be present through the entire event,

or until you have completed your last match.

6:00pm registration close

6:30pm start play

Single elimination with Progressive Consolation

7 point main flight matches

7 point consolation flight matches

Prime Time Chicago Backgammon Club master points will be awarded starting April 27, 2020 for PTC Club online events only. Master points will be awarded as online master points. These online master points will be kept separate from the in-person master points earned at the club. Both sets of points will be combined at the end of the year.

Questions ?

Steve Klesker

Mobile: 1-847-280-3838


Craig Anderson

Mobile: 1-404-984-1284


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