9th Annual
Kalba Cup
Nov. 14, 2021

Kalba Cup 15.tiff

Open Division Winner 
Wendy Kaplan

Matt & Rebecca.jpeg

Intermediate Division Winners 
Matt Anshus & Rebecca Reitman

Kalba Cup 4.tiff
Kalba Cup 7.tiff
Kalba Cup 5.tiff
Kalba Cup 9.tiff
Kalba Cup 6.tiff
Kalba Cup 8.tiff
Kalba Cup 1.tiff
Kalba Cup 2.tiff
Kalba Cup 3.tiff
Kalba Cup 21.tiff
Kalba Cup 10.tiff
Kalba Cup 12.tiff
Kalba Cup 11.tiff
Kalba Cup 13.tiff
Kalba Cup 14.tiff
Kalba Cup 16.tiff
Kalba Cup 17.tiff
Kalba Cup 18.tiff
Kalba Cup 20.tiff
Kalba Cup 19.tiff
Kalba Cup 22.tiff

Nov. 2, 2021
Rory Pascar 
wins his first
1000:1 Award

Rory 1000 to 1.tiff

August 9, 2021
Craig Anderson 
tied Larry Goldstein
for most consecutive
match wins at 12

Craig 1000 to 1.jpeg
Group 5 + Award Cropped.jpeg

On June 1, 2021

Amy Trudeau
was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to the game of backgammon

Carol Award 2.jpeg
Carol 3.jpg

On July 2, 2021


Carol Joy Cole

was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to the game of Backgammon

Aug. 15, 2021


Phil Simborg
1st Place
Wisconsin State
Backgammon Championships
Madison, WI


Village Roadhouse
June 1, 2021

Group 5 + Award Cropped.jpeg
Herb + Justin.jpeg
Nick + Larry.jpeg
David R + Craig.jpeg
Leslie + Don.jpeg
Phil + Anatoliy.jpeg
Barbara + David M.jpeg
Vlad + Paul.jpeg




Prime Group Roadhouse.jpeg
Carter + Craig.jpeg
Ken + Anatoly + Tim.jpeg
Chou 2.jpeg
Chou Action.jpeg
Taki + Ken.jpeg
Taki + Anatoly.jpeg
Dave M + Steve B.jpeg
Ken + Steve B.jpeg



Johnnys Food.jpeg
Carter + Bob Kamp.jpeg
Craig + Mark + Jesus.jpeg
Larry + Amy.jpeg
Vlad + Taki.jpeg
Taki + Pat.jpeg


Player of the Year

Larry Goldstein

Awards 2020 - Larry.jpg

2nd Place Linda

9th Place David

Awards 2020 - David + Linda.jpg

3rd Place

Tim Mabee

Awards 2020 - Tim.jpg

4th Place

Shlomo Karbal

5th Place

Craig Anderson

Awards 2020 - Craig.jpg

6th Place

Steve Klesker

Award - Steven.jpeg

7th Place

Ken Tyszko

8th Place

Wendy Kaplan

Awards 2020 - Wendy.jpg

10th Place

Paul Lombardo

Awards 2020 - Paul.jpg

Prime Time Inaugural


March 9, 2020

Opening Night Johnny's.jpg

Prime Time Inaugural

Yard House

February 10, 2020

PTC - Group Inaugural.jpg
Jesus + Paul 10.jpg
DuJuan + Shlomo.jpg
Craig Chou 12.jpg
Amy + Rory 10.jpg
Craig + Anatoliy.jpg
Barbara + Marcus.jpg
Craig Chou 10.jpg
Craig Chou 11.jpg