Venmo is a payment system that works on your smartphone or tablet. You can send or receive money instantly, as easy as sending a text message.

•  Download Venmo App here:

For Apple ( iOS ) 

For Android


• Open the Venmo app.


• Choose your sign up method and create a secure password (between 8 and 32 characters long).


• Verify your phone number and email address.


• Add and verify your bank account / credit  card / debit card.

Pro Tip :

Venmo is social networking app, so it's default setting is to share your transaction history with your followers. If you want your financial transactions to remain private, then follow these steps:


Settings => Privacy => Private

There are 3 ways to send us your entry fee via Venmo:

Venmo Account:

@Steve-Klesker (3838)

Email Account:

Phone Number *

847 280 3838

* Be very careful !  If you make an error when typing the phone number, and that incorrect phone number is valid, and the user of that phone number has Venmo, you just sent your money to a stranger and there is no way to get it back.


In your Venmo payment note, please state:


  • Tournament Date

  • Pool or No Pool

  • Your Name (First, Last)

  • Galaxy Screen Name

  • Mobile Phone (for Venmo)

  • Email Address (for Venmo)


Backgammon Galaxy


Backgammon Galaxy is the preferred platform for playing our matches. If BOTH Players agree to play on another platform, they may do so, but if one player does not agree, then Backgammon Galaxy will be the default option

How to Connect and Sign In


• Log onto Backgammon Galaxy:


• If you do not already have an account on Backgammon Galaxy, then click Sign Up at the top right corner of your screen. Simply enter your email address, screen name, and password. You are now a member of Backgammon Galaxy.


• If you are already a member of Backgammon Galaxy, and you want to sign in for a session, click the Sign In button at the top right corner of your screen.


• Enter your Screen Name and Password.


You are now live on Backgammon Galaxy, and ready to play.

How to Play

If you are unfamiliar with how Backgammon Galaxy works, then we suggest that you play a few matches. Once you are logged in, you then simply click Join on any match to ask a player if he/she would like to play with you. If that player accepts, then your match starts immediately.




Discord will allow you to communicate with everybody.

You will need a microphone on your computer.


Discord has separate audio channels that will allow you to talk with the entire group, or the director, or with any specific player one-on-one.

You will use Discord voice channels to locate your next match opponent, and talk with that person about setting up your next match.


You will also talk with your opponent throughout your match, in a private conversation that only you and your opponent can hear within the Table voice channels.


Discord provides you with the "Live Play" feeling that makes playing online so enjoyable.

You will use Discord text channels to send a text to the directors, or send text messages to individual players, or as a back-up to Challonge to report your match wins.

Text channels:


# tournament 

(Use this to chat with entire room. Everyone will see it)

# technical

(Use to post technical questions)

# directors

(Use to contact a director)

# match-results

(Use to report match wins)


# match links (For players to copy their Galaxy match url from their browser so that it makes it easy for other players who want to watch their match to find it. It could be posted by the player themselves or the directors. We will use this for semi-final and finals matches so all players can easily watch.

To set up Discord ...


Download and install Desktop version of Discord for your operating system (Mac or Windows) HERE :


Add the Prime Time Chicago Backgammon Server:


Click on the + sign 

(left side of your Discord window)

Click: Join Server


Paste this:


Click: Join


Challonge (Brackets)

Open a Free Challonge account at:

Pro Tip:  Upgrade to Challonge Premier to eliminate the pop up ads, and open up advanced features.

Challonge is an online tournament bracketing program that has communities, a message board, stats, registration, and other social features all built in.

Challonge is the software that will manage our player brackets. You will automatically see the brackets when we complete the initial draw, and you log onto our server. The initial (random) draw will be performed by the computer. After that, each match will be updated by you.

Reporting Match Wins

When you finish a match, it is your responsibility to update your bracket on Challonge. Do this immediately upon finishing your match. You may already have an opponent who is waiting for you. If you have already finished your match, but you have not updated your bracket, the director may update it for you, and you will be expected to start your next match promptly.

Note: Who do I play next ?

Upon finishing your match, and updating your bracket, look at your bracket to see if you already have an opponent for your next match. If yes, then contact that player via Discord Tournament voice channel, and ask to start a new match. Decide which Table voice channel you will use for your match. Once in the Table voice channel, decide who is going to set up the new match on Backgammon Galaxy. Make sure you know what screen name you are looking for on Backgammon Galaxy, and when accepting a match, be sure it is your scheduled opponent with whom you are accepting to play. If you accidentally join some other match that is not your scheduled opponent, then you will have to immediately resign that match, and find your proper opponent, and join his/her match. You will lose valuable time if you accidentally accept the wrong match.

Once you join challonge you can join/follow our challonge community at


Questions ?

Steve Klesker

Mobile: (847) 280-3838


Prime Time Chicago Backgammon Club is a Registered Trademark ®